Loft Ladders

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Lofty Ladders,
The loft is the room which has the largest amount of floor space in the home. Yet for many people this space is just wasted, the reason being difficulty of access. For a very low price you can make use of this space, just by calling us at Lofty Ladders!

We will fit a loft ladder and hatch from just £160. You will then have space to store those bulky items that are not used frequently (such as suitcases, Christmas decorations etc.)

Easy and safe access to the loft also presents the opportunity to keep a regular eye on the roof space, and will enable you to spot at an early stage any potential problems (e.g. roof leaks, pipes exposed through the lagging, vermin such as mice). You don't want to discover these the hard way, so call Lofty Ladders today!